Travel Writers Love Rincon

Rincon travel guide

Throughout the season, many travel writers, tv crews and bloggers make their way to Rincon in hopes of finding something special to write or film about.  In the past Rincon has been seen on countless Caribbean travel articles and Puerto Rico hot spots, best beaches lists, some of the worlds greatests bars and hotels. 

Recently Harper's Bazaar featured Rincon on its list of Best Places to Surf/Spring Surf Breaks:


Rincon  and Das Alpen Cafe were also featured on the Univision TV Show Borinquendo:

At about the 9 minute mark, look for a great interview and samples of the great food and beer at this unique Rincon German and Italian restaurant that is becoming a Rincon landmark!  Congratulations!


Also look for Tourism Association of Rincon member, Tropical Coast Properties' Jennifer Lopez in this interview and video tour from


Another slice of the people and places here in Rincon, if you've seen Rincon in the media lately, let us know!


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