Beaches in Rincon

Rincon Beach sign
The sign at Almendros Beach

The town of Rincon, Puerto Rico is known for it's different beaches that are spread throughout the town's 8 miles of coastine.  In the past, it may have been difficult for tourists to find Step's Beach or identify which beach was Corcega, but the town and Rincon Brilla has put up these beautiful signs at the various beaches in Rincon.


The signs are beautifully painted depictions of the beaches with the name in colorful display.  They have been placed at the beach entrance and are a helpful way to locate the beach you are looking for. 


For more information about the different beaches in Rincon, visit the Tourism Association of Rincon's Rincon Beaches Page.  There you will find information about each beach in Rincon,  useful whether you are planning a surf trip, snorkel excursion or just seeking sea glass.  Don't forget to like our Facebook Page for updates to our blog and enjoy your Rincon vacation!

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    rent holiday apartment (Tuesday, 10 September 2013 03:46)

    Hey thanks for the information. Idea of inscribing the names in different colors as indicators is a cool idea. This will make it easier for the tourists to find the desired spot. Thank you for making me aware of a new fact..!! :)