Zika Information for Puerto Rico Tourists

On August 11, the US Dept of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency for Puerto Rico  signaling that the current spread of Zika virus poses a significant threat to public health in the Commonwealth relating to pregnant women and children born to pregnant women with Zika.


It is improtant to note that this public health emergency is directed towards pregnant women and children born to women with Zika.  To read the full statement from the HHS Click here.


The Center for Disease Control has more information about Zika and how it relates to travelers to Puerto Rico on its website.  Also of note is this study of mosquito populations and the anticipated drop in Zika cases as the mosquito season ends in early December, click here.  And this article from Science News which seems to indicate that Zika will be much less of a problem in Puerto Rico in the dry months of December to April, "the Zika virus -- like other mosquito-borne illnesses -- is likely sensitive to the breeding cycle of its primary carrier, the yellow fever mosquito, according to a perspective published July 28 in the journal PLOS Biology. In the tropics, mosquito populations and reproduction decline during the dry season when low rainfall and evaporation deny the insects the ample standing water they require to breed."  Also see the Puerto Rico Tourism Company's website regarding information on the Zika virus and Caribbean 360 article, Keeping Zika in Perspective.


While various media outlets insist on jaw dropping headlines, we advise travelers to Puerto Rico to research the facts regarding the Zika virus as they plan their Puerto Rico vacation.