Beaches on Rincon's South Caribbean Coast

Sea Beach, Stella, Corcega and the Barrero

The Southern Caribbean Coast of Rincon is perfect for travelers looking for miles of palm lined beaches with calm, blue Caribbean waters, which are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and lots of other water sports. And if you are not the sporty type, this is the place for beach combing, walking for miles, sunbathing and just relaxing.



Most of Rincon’s resorts are at the north end of the long stretch of Rincon's Caribbean Coast. The hotels all have superior restaurants, beach bars and cafes accessible to the public. Individual Vacation Rental Houses, Villas and Small Inns dot the rest of the coast going south in the neighborhoods of Stella and Parcellas.


Once past Villa Cofresi, you will find lots of beach and not very many people. Of course this means that there aren’t any public facilities or beach bars right on the beach, but that just adds to the attraction for those who prefer a less active atmosphere. Although the Caribbean Beaches are great for swimming - there are no lifeguards on Puerto Rican beaches, so visitors have to make sure to supervise children.

Corcrga Beach
Sunset in Stella

corcega beach
The Beach at Stella

Starting at Tres Sirenas and going past Villa Cofresi, Corcega Beach continues south for a couple of miles. Most of this distance is dotted by private vacation rentals and small Inns in the neighborhood called Stella.

Further south, Corcega is known as the best swimming beach in Rincon. The water is usually calm, even in winter, and easy for children as well as older adults. The atmosphere on the beach is usually quiet and relaxing, without crowds and without noise. For those who want to be away from the action on the surfing beaches, Corcega offers both a quieter, uncrowded beach, and the convenience of Route 115 nearby. Route 115 is walking distance from many of the rentals along Corcega and has restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, stores, gas stations, etc. The roadside vegetable stands are on Route 115 going towards Route 2 and even our 24/7 emergency room is on Route 115, just south of town. Further down the coast, you’ll find Barrero Beach, which comes and goes with the tide, as it clings to the cliffs. The famous Horned Dorset Primavera is on Barrero.

Corcega beach
Corcega Beach