Rincon, Puerto Rico Tourism Areas

The North Coast, Sunset Coast, Downtown & Marina Caribbean Coast

To help you plan your trip to Rincón Puerto Rico, we've organized our hotels, inns, vacation rentals and restaurants listings by their location within the town of Rincón.

You'll want to explore all of Rincon, but this list will help you plan your visit based on the area that best suits your personality & needs.




The North Coast

Primarily the barrio of Puntas, is the prime surfing destination in Rincon and has many vacation rentals and restaurants and bars.




The Sunset Coast

Great surfing beaches, the lighthouse and the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve as well as a few great restaurants and lodging options.




The Downtown and Marina

Rincon's cultural and business center, not many, but quality lodging options and plenty of great restaurants, bars and shopping.





The South Caribbean Coast

Sandy, calm swimming beaches and many vacation rentals as well as most of Rincon's biggest resorts and a variety of dining options.

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