Rincon's Sunset Coast - Lighthouse, Domes, Desecheo

Beautiful Sunsets, Great Surfing, Snorkeling, Cycling, Horseback Riding

rincon, marias Beach

 While there is plenty of surfing next door on the "Puntas" beaches - the surfing beaches near our lighthouse are some of the most dramatic waves in the world. Located on the 'corner' of Rincon where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean - the winter currents create waves off Domes Beach, Indicator, Maria's Beach and Steps Beach that will take your breath away from October to March.


If you are looking for surfing lessons, make sure to take them from only a licensed instructor from the FSPR.  These waves can be dangerous and there are no lifeguards on Rincon beaches.  You can watch the action from the Lighthouse Park or the Surfing Coast Beaches. In the summer, the waves calm down and make this area a favorite for visitors who want a secluded beach of their own, Steps Beach is a favorite for snorkelers in the summer.